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The control system is the most important aspect of any smart home design. The proper technology and planning will transform your home into a comfortable and smart home.

These control systems are connected to the internet and allow you to control everything using smart remotes, apps on your smartphone, iPads, and touchscreens.

An app customized just for you enables you to control your home’s entire smart energy system – lighting, blinds, awnings, audio and video systems, cameras, alarms, underfloor heating, and air conditioning – from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world.

Using your smartphone or a sleek panel, you can control all of your home automation systems. The app makes it easier and effortless to activate and operate everything around your house.

Sound-Ideas works with the biggest and best hardware and software companies in the field. We design and build the entire infrastructure you need – including the most advanced software suites on the market. The companies we work with have a global reputation and we never settle for anything less than the best for our clients.

We are the exclusive importer and distributor of Savant – an American home automation system that is widely regarded as the best in its class. Savant was founded in 2005 to provide the best home automation experience. Savant is the global leader in home automation and control, and one of the world’s leaders in SMC. Savant’s powerhouse technology combines the four pillars of home automation – temperature, lighting, entertainment and security – through a single interface customized for the homeowner. This provides comprehensive control of the entire home, called a single app home, for a better user experience, and is offered in both iOS and Android configurations.

Today, Savant is installed in some of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious palaces, yachts, castles, homes, apartments and offices, and the company regularly wins awards and garners praise.

Savant Home is available to all of our clients in a variety of product and price configurations.

The company’s headquarters is located in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Savant has offices in San Francisco and Salt Lake City, and a test facility in New York. Savant systems are sold all across the world through a network of approved home integrators specializing in this sort of installation.

In addition, we also sell control systems made by Control4 and RTI, two of the biggest names in home automation and control. These companies provide advanced technologies that include everything you need to control your smart energy systems, audio / video systems, air conditioning, cameras, security, etc.

Ultimately, we provide our clients with the product that best meets their needs and we do all the work for them –choosing the best companies for the project, managing all internet communication systems, planning command and control elements, designing audio and video systems with a comprehensive home audio network, and much more. You don’t just receive a finished product, but the service to go with it along the way. We identify potential issued beforehand and provide unique and innovative solutions efficiently and professionally. We are responsible for consulting on the design and installation process, but also for ensuring that all systems work seamlessly together.

Sound-Ideas employs innovative methods to make your home a smart home without damaging existing infrastructures. We use the available foundation, without channeling into walls or altering the old power system.

Today’s advanced technologies make it possible to install a simple and user-friendly interface. This means that you can manage, control, and operate your home, apartment or office in a breeze.

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