Smart Electricity

Smart Electricity systems, or as we believe they should be called – ‘convenient and efficient energy’ – are not a new concept. Various configurations of what can be called a smart home have been introduced as far back as 1934 in Chicago. The modern version that we know was developed as an industrial solution to saving energy and saving costs.

In the early 90s, the way luxury apartments and private homes were being designed took a drastic change, with lighting, shading (curtains, blinds, awnings), air conditioning, and underfloor heating becoming a major part of home design.

This change meant that architects and interior designers had to think twice about where to place the numerous switches and outlets on the walls, and to also think about how to make operating everything more convenient.

The idea behind these systems is simplicity and efficiency – providing consumers with the ability to operate all the systems installed across the house from a central, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use control panel, or even using their smartphones and tablets – from the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world.

Smart electricity systems allow you to easily and conveniently control and operate a variety of devices with the touch of a button, a significant lifestyle improvement.

Smart electricity systems give you the remote control over all major appliances and electronic devices, including advanced shading systems. All lighting and heating fixtures are also controlled from one central unit.

You can adjust the lighting to your desired level, turn on the heating moments before you come back home from work, adjust the boiler using your smartphone after coming back from vacation, and adjust the curtains to the precise angle you want.

This maximum level of control is unique to smart electricity technology.

Smart electricity is currently the most advanced solution for your home.

You can easily turn your home into a true smart home, and by utilizing smart electricity you help conserve energy and contribute to a controlled use of resources. Everything is timed precisely to your heart’s desire.

Sound-Ideas can turn your home into a smart home, whether it requires a complete redesign and complex planning to the very last detail or just by using the existing foundations and infrastructures, and with our advanced technology we will upgrade and enhance your home, making sure that all smart electricity devices and appliances are running smoothly and efficiently, providing 24/7 support even after installation.

We work with global leaders in the field, such as: Philips Dynalite, Vitrea, Crestron, Control4.

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