Home Theater Systems

Home theater systems are the most exciting smart home innovation. The most advanced technology of the 21st century means that you can integrate home automation and home theater systems with innovative design and a viewing and listening experience that rivals established movie theaters.
Home theater systems are easily integrated as part of the smart home design process. By coordinating between these systems, you can achieve the exact atmosphere that best suits you when watching your favorite movies and shows. The home theater system seamlessly integrates with the smart lighting, power, air conditioning and blinds systems.
You can adjust the temperature, choose the angle of the blinds to let in as much or as little light as you want, and set the lights to match the occasion.
Home theater systems are a natural part of smart home design. The two are implemented in unison to achieve the best viewing experience possible. This is a winning combination of technologies that creates a harmonious and perfectly synced experience.
We represent global brands that specialize in home theater systems, and their surround sound systems are second to none.
Another company that we represent is Screen Excellence, a British company that manufactures world-renowned electrically retractable and fixed projection screens for home theaters.

Sound-Ideas integrates your home theater with your home automation systems and provides comprehensive service. We plan, design, and build the project from start to finish, including audio systems, screens, and acoustics, while coordinating between the various contractors and companies working on your home. We offer comprehensive, professional service that is personalized to better suit your needs and helps us identify and solve future issues quickly and efficiently. We guide you throughout the entire project, right until the moment your home theater is up and running.

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