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Create the unlimited theatre experience with SOUND IDEAS.

Lights will be dimmed, curtains closed, the air conditioning temperature will reach its desired state, all of the audio – video systems will be on, the right entry in the processor will be selected, the volume will be at the right level, the streamer, cable converter or Apple TV will immediately begin to play the movie.

All of that and more could happen with one click on a button in the smart remote, iPad touch screen and even the mobile phone.

SOUND IDEAS will give you complete control from your own comfortable home theatre couch.

For theatre lovers, nothing compares to the experience of a top level audio – video system on a huge screen in a designated room, with performance which is even higher than the commercial movie theatre and all in the comfort of your own home.

What do you think about using your designated theatre for watching sports? Sunday or Monday evening soccer, basketball, Olympics, world cup. For a sports fan, nothing compares to the experience of watching your favorite sports in your theatre room, with 4K video and an excellent sound system which puts you right in the center of the court.

SOUND IDEAS offers unlimited options for a home theatre experience.

We specialize in all of the stages of designing a home theater, choosing the equipment which includes sound, screening, theatre chairs, acoustics, control and monitoring systems and needless to say – installation.

We will take on your project from design to completion.

We offer designed customized acoustic environments and the best audio video performances.

Are you looking for something a bit less professional? We got you. SOUND IDEAS will find the relevant systems and solution to provide you with the best experience possible for home theatre for any budget.

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